Traveling away from home for medical care can be financially and logistically challenging. Support is available for eligible patients and their caregivers.


The MyCARVYKTI® Patient Support Program, sponsored by Janssen Biotech, Inc., and Legend Biotech, is designed to help eligible patients prescribed CARVYKTI® and their caregivers with support during treatment.

Patients who meet financial and other eligibility requirements, and their caregivers, may receive:


Assistance with transportation, lodging, and out-of-pocket costs related to meals and other travel expenses associated with treatment at the CARVYKTI® Certified Treatment Center


Support from MyCARVYKTI® Patient Support Specialists, who are available to help guide eligible patients through the enrollment process and assist with program benefits


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CARVYKTI® Patient Brochure

CARVYKTI® Patient Milestone Guidebook

CARVYKTI® Monitoring for Potential Side Effects


Being a caregiver can be challenging. It's normal to feel nervous or overwhelmed about what is expected of you. And your role can evolve as the needs of the person you care for change. By supporting a friend or family member receiving CARVYKTI®, you can have a positive impact on their journey during their CARVYKTI® treatment.

Here are a few different ways you can help the person you care for:

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Drive them to appointments

After receiving CARVYKTI®, the person you care for should not drive or operate heavy machinery for 8 weeks. They may need to be, or appreciate being, driven to appointments prior to their infusion as well.

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Take notes during doctor visits

The person you care for may be unable to fully understand or remember all that they hear during appointments. Having someone for support and to take notes can be very beneficial.

MyCARVYKTI™ Patient Support Program

Provide encouragement and support

Treating multiple myeloma can be challenging. You can help them with some of the daily struggles like eating right or dealing with certain emotions.

There's no way to anticipate everything you'll need to know as a caregiver, but by becoming familiar with the disease and treatment, you can offer support to help the person you care for make informed decisions.


After the person you care for receives their infusion of CARVYKTI®, you will need to stay with them for at least 4 weeks to help them to appointments and to monitor side effects. If you notice that the person you care for is having any reaction to the treatment, contact the doctor or the Certified Treatment Center right away.


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CARVYKTI® Patient Brochure

CARVYKTI® Monitoring for Potential Side Effects

Caring for Someone After a CARVYKTI® Infusion

CARVYKTI® is covered for eligible patients across a variety of insurance providers.

  • Commercial and private insurance coverage varies from plan to plan. Coverage is determined on a case-by-case basis by most commercial plans.
  • Medicare may cover CAR-T therapies when treatment is provided at an REMS-certified healthcare facility in accordance with approved FDA guidance for use.

Your healthcare team will work with you and your insurance provider to secure your treatment coverage during the consultation phase prior to beginning the CARVYKTI® treatment process. If you have any questions or concerns about your healthcare coverage benefits, contact your insurance provider.

Some sample questions you may ask your insurance provider could include:

For prior authorization

  • I understand that the certified healthcare facility where I'll be receiving CARVYKTI® will be working on receiving the prior authorization from my insurance provider. What can I do to help expedite the process?
  • Are there any additional documents that are required from me or my doctor to ensure my treatment with CARVYKTI® is authorized? How do I obtain those documents?

For Medicare

  • I am unsure about what Medicare does and does not cover. Is CARVYKTI® covered?
  • I have original Medicare and supplemental coverage. Who coordinates the coverage between them for my treatment with CARVYKTI®?

For commercial or private insurance

  • I am unsure about what my insurance does and does not cover. Is CARVYKTI® covered?
  • Will I be responsible for any copays or deductibles?

REMS=Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy.

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